We buy homes in and around Austin, Texas.

I put cash in your pocket. 


Sell your home fast! I pay cash!


GET OUT of heavy repair costs and eliminate your mortgage payments


Say goodbye to late fees or banks calling demanding money.


7-10 Days and you’re funded.

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Get a fair market valuation of your home and settle for cash in 7-10 days:

My name is Janis Kidd.

I pay cash for houses in Austin, TX

24 hours is all I need get you an offer you can’t refuse. 

I work with your timeline from the moment you contact me.

Forget repairs.

Forget inspections!

Forget risky financing!

I will buy your house with cold, hard cash and a nice warm handshake.

We Can Help you Get Out of Foreclosure

Sell your home without the stress of traditional real estate agencies.  Eliminate the discomfort of countless strangers traipsing through your home or incompetent agents who are simply after the next best thing.

Get A Fair Market Value All Cash Offer

I buy your house, regardless of your situation. Once you’ve contacted me, you can tick these challenges off your list: 



Extra Costs

Repairs that will cost you an arm and a leg to be sellable in the traditional market.


Get out of the bad situation

Your home has become a box full of bad memories, or you simply want a fresh start somewhere else.


Out of Funds

After the pricey process of a split, breakup or family member no longer helping with the bills, you can’t afford your home on your own anymore.


Time Inefficiency

Playing the waiting game for months, or even years, living in constant angst with the hope that someone will buy it. I can provide you with a quick and easy offer!


Cleaning Up

The tedious idea of doing the repairs that need to be done, cleaning everything to make it presentable, contacting an estate agent, only to be bombarded with strangers walking around in your personal space. Every. Single. Day.


Loss of Income

The burden of mortgage payments after a loss of income and the toll it’s taking on you and your family.



Your house is about to be repossessed, and you have no clue which direction to turn.

Forget about these troubles and headaches.

Before you fall into a hole, sell your home directly to me, and I guarantee you – the selling process will not be long and gruelling. Whether you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, or you’ve already gone through the process of realtors, repairs, and inspections, I’m here to help you make a smooth transition into a new beginning.

Sell Your Home

Sell your home with Janis Kidd Real Estate Solutions and avoid foreclosure with our help. Get to know more about our services once you reach out to us.  

Get A Fair Market Value All Cash Offer

Janis Kidd Vs. the Competition

#1 I am a trusted foreclosure expert and cash home buyer in Austin Texas

Is your property in perfect condition and cleared off? Is your property clean and available for showings? Do you know of an honest, hard-working realtor? These are all requirements when selling your property through an agency. It takes time away from your freedom. 

Once you’ve signed a seller’s representative agreement, you are bound to an agent for a certain amount of time. Not to mention the admin and paperwork involved, and it doesn’t stop there! The delays are inevitable.  Just make it simple on yourself and let Janis buy your home!

The question is: Do you really want to waste even more time and take on even more risk? Hanging onto the possibility of getting a slightly higher selling price is riskier than being offered a guaranteed price, paid speedily. I will give you the reassurance you need, knowing exactly how much you’ll be paid for your property.

You can safely cut costs of maintenance, repairs, renovations, and cleaning too.

If your situation sounds something like this, let Janis buy your home:

  • You’re in foreclosure
  • You need to move because of a family member’s death
  • You’ve inherited a property, and you’d like to sell it (or a current property)
  • You’ve got a job transfer
  • You own a vacant property
  • You own an unwanted rental unit and want to get rid of it
  • You’ve recently gone through a divorce
  • You constantly have the annoyance of dreadful tenants
  • You need to relocate urgently
  • The house needs major repairs that you can’t afford
  • You are, or are becoming, behind on mortgage payments – and you’re at risk of foreclosure
  • Your house is developing foundational issues
  • You initially bought the house as a fixer-upper, but never got around to actually fixing it
  • Your family or friends have a “Hoarder House” that needs selling

Once you’ve accepted my offer, you no longer have to wait to sell your property. I will eliminate the showings, financing, overpriced commissions, and fees in place. 

Through my years of experience, I have helped numerous homeowners to sell their homes without dragging out the process and making it more stressful. 

You or your closest friends and relatives don’t have to struggle anymore! Click HERE to contact me right now.  I’ll answer your call, set up a time to come to you, and give you an honest offer.
Let Janis buy your home.

Get A Fair Market Value All Cash Offer

#2 I have 17+ years in Foreclosure and Real Estate business in Austin, Texas.

My passion for improving lives has run deep in my blood for as long as I can remember. Before moving to Austin in 2007, I worked as an educator and librarian for decades where I empowered children with literacy problems and helped them gain lifelong success.

My vision is to help families escape the threat of foreclosure. I’m a Christ-based leader and devoted servant to my church.  

#3 I work around YOUR timeline. 

Working with me means you can tell me exactly what your timeline of sale is, and I’ll work around that. You don’t need to buy another home immediately, pay for alternative accommodation, or crash with a friend or relative.

If you’re still hesitant, contact me, and we’ll schedule a FREE 1-on-1 consultation. 

We’ll talk about you, your struggles, future outcomes, and the risks involved in selling.

The choice is simple: Have a chat with me, or spend money you don’t have on traditional realtors.

Forget about losing everything you’ve built, and forget about losing the value of your property to time taken to sell it.

Get in touch with me today for a FREE, ZERO RISK consultation – and I’ll help you get the true value out of your property.

The days of anxiety and frustration of debt, ex’s, creditors, late payments, or renovations are finally over. Don’t put yourself through the painstaking process of going through this alone – let me guide you by taking your hand helping you get to a better life with less stress and more peace.

Get A Fair Market Value All Cash Offer

Janis Kidd vs. The Competition

Scenario: Your house is selling for $400,000.

 Real Estate AgencyCash Buyer
Commission:If you pay an average of 6%, the calculation will look something like this:
$400,000 x 6% = $24,000
I will not charge you a cent.
Closing Costs:You pay an average of 2%:
$400,000 x 2% = $8,000
Nada. I cover all costs.
Inspection & Financing:Let’s say, for argument’s sake, the deal falls through. You would now have to source other offers and buyers. This could set you back another 2 to 3 months. While the wait, you still need to pay holding costs!Absolutely nothing. I am buying your property cash.
Appraisal:You will most probably be subject to appraisal which can lower the price of your property.After I’ve done my initial walk through, I will buy your house as it’s standing. Regardless of its condition.
Average days until you’re free:It can take up to 91 days for you to be free of the stresses, just to be faced with more stresses of finding another residence.I will offer you an immediate cash amount.
Total number of showings:You might have one, you might have a dozen. Who knows? The point is, you’ll endure countless encounters with strangers who are viewing the home – without a purchase guarantee, of course.The only “showing” there will be is when I walk in and around your property 24 hours after you’ve contacted me. I will then be in contact with an offer after another 24 hours. That is 48 hours compared to months of showings!
Closing deadline:After you’ve accepted a buyer offer, you will generally have 30-60 days7 days max. I work within your given timeline.
What about repairs, maintenance, and other extras?This will generally be negotiated upon during the inspection.I will cover all the repairs; you don’t have to stress about anything further!

Time is money.  I put cash in your pocket and time on your side.

I want to help you live your best life, on your terms, your timeline and your needs – regardless of the state of your property or your current situation.

Rest Assured you’re in good hands with me, Janis Kidd.

Get My Offer


We buy houses. We pay cash. Close quickly. No need to make repairs. No commissions to pay. Call (512) 577-7168.

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